Company Incorporation in Spain

We know all Requirements for setting-up your company in Spain.

We will help you setup your company in Spain from the outset. Setting up a company is never an easy process, but t is even more difficult when you have to do it in a foreign country.

The first thing you need to know is that expert help will save you a lot of time and money simply because they know the Spanish jurisdiction inside out. Whether it involves law or taxation, our company services are what you need.

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Company Incorporation in Spain

When setting up a company, attention must be paid to different aspects depending on the type of company you are going to set up.

This means that, from the outset, expert help will save you time and money.

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Alecora has helped dozens of clients to set-up companies in Spain or register a non-resident company in Spain (permanent establishments, branch, subsidiary…).

Count on the experience of a legal-tax department with extensive experience in the international mercantile sector.

What types of company can I set up in Spain?

  • Individual (Self-employed)
  • Private Company Limited by Shares (Sociedad Limitada)
  • Public Limited Company (Sociedad Anónima)
  • Cooperative Society
  • Civil Partnership
  • General Partnership
  • Professional companies

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You may be faced with any of these possibilities when setting up your company in Spain, among others.

If you are a foreigner and are interested in setting up a company in Spain, we can help you throughout the process.

English-Speakers Lawyers for Companies

If you are thinking of starting up a business in Spain, having a legal advisor can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to company incorporation.

The most common company incorporations in Spain:

The most common of all is individual or sole proprietorship, i.e. being a self-employed professional, a single person who operates as a company. These involve the fastest registration, only requiring registration in the Tax Office and Social Security and, where necessary, in the Town Hall (licence). In just one day you could commence activity).

If you have earnings of over €60,000/year, the most common form of company is a private company limited by shares. Although they require an investment of €3,000 to start operating or other assets amounting to such value (furniture, computers, among others), the company liability is limited. This does not happen in the case of self-employed people, where they shall pay debts from their personal accounts.

Public limited companies allow you to create much larger companies. They are subrogated to an initial amount of €60,000, which can be in monetary value or in goods and real estate. In addition, as with limited companies, the liability of these companies is governed solely by the capital contribution.

What do I need to set up a company in Spain?

The main thing, before investing in a company in Spain, is to think very carefully about what type of company you want to create and what start-up capital you have. Once this has been established, it is time to get down to work and find out the step by step how to move forward:

  1. Choose the type of company
  2. Applying for a company name certificate
  3. Applying for a Spanish Foreigner’s ide (NIE) Number
  4. Establishing equity
  5. Applying for the company’s CIF
  6. Establishing your new company before a notary

Choose the Type of Company:

As mentioned above, there are different types of companies depending on your needs and expectations regarding Spain. This is one of the most important steps in which it would be beneficial to have the help of an expert.

Applying for a Company Name Certificate:

A company name certificate states the name of your company. It shall be requested at the Companies Register. In order to carry out this procedure, you need to provide 5 different names for your company.

Applying for a Spanish Foreigners’ Id. (NIE) Number:

All company shareholders shall have a Spanish tax identification number (NIF) in Spain prior to the incorporation of the company. If the shareholder is an individual they will need a NIE number and if they are a company they will need a CIF number. Whether you are in Spain or abroad we can obtain these tax identification numbers on your behalf.

Establishing Equity:

Share capital is the money that a company has on the date of its incorporation. In the case of some types of companies, mandatory minimums shall be established (3,000 euros for Limited Companies and 60,000 euros for Public Limited Companies). These can be funds in which case Alecora will help you to set up a bank account and obtain the certificate required to incorporate the company or by the allocation of assets to the company in those amounts.

Applying for the Company’s CIF

Each company has a unique CIF (Spanish corporate tax identification number). Without this document, you will be unable to operate as a company in Spain. The application for a CIF is not necessary in the case of a self-employed person, as your personal identification number serves as the company’s business ID.

Incorporating Your New Company before a Notary:

When setting up the company in Spain, you shall appear before a Notary and sign the deeds of incorporation (memorandum) and statutes or articles of association. Alecora will prepare all the documents at the Notary’s office so you just need to sign them, or, even easier, we will sing on your behalf by means of a power of attorney. The deed of incorporation will then be sent to Companies Register for registration.

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